Stronger Semen

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Today am discussing about Stronger Semen and this article contains exactly what is all about Semen? How to increase the volume of semen? Signs of semen healthy and strong? How to increase sperm count? And you may have many more questions arising now. Go through this article for complete information about semen.

Semen:- It is a fluid kind of sticky substance usually in white or yellowish color. This fluid comes out of men’s penis who has more sexual excitement and ejaculates. This substance made up of sperms – these are male cells only for sexual reproduction and it has water content as well as some chemicals in it.

Signs of Healthy and Strong Semen:-

 According to researchers, the men’s waist circumference of 40 inches or more may have lesser sperm concentrations and the counts with the guys more whittled waist. This men’s mid section may interfere with the release of sex hormones, development and the production of sperms.

  1. Men who consume more processed meat had somewhat lesser counts of normal-shaped sperms compared to those who consume the meat lowest.
  2. Fish, you will get more protein in this food. Men who ate most fish may had greater sperm concentration than those who ate less fish products.
  3. This is important thing for men, men who wear more tight-fitting underwear’s were fewer percentiles to have sperm count than those who wear loose fitting underwear’s.

Causes for low sperm count:-

  • Emotional Affliction
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Impact of lubricants worn with condoms
  • Drinks and smoking
  • Different types of radiation therapy

Increase sperm count and make strength as well as bigger:-

  • Drink more fluid ( water), fruit juices
  • Keep heat away of your penis
  • Avoid tight-fit underwear’s.
  • Don’t sit with cross legs
  • Avoid drinking soda
  • Eat lots of vegetables and fruits
  • Do some daily exercises
  • Stop smoking
  • Manage your stress
  • Practice safe sex

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