How to Increase Intercourse Time

How to increase sexual time in bed? How to make long last in bed naturally? Want to increase sex period and do enjoy? There may be many questions in your mind. Aren’t we think these questions? How long is good enough for sex? Long last in bed is not always erectile dysfunction. If you last less than three minutes, then you should interrogate the causes.

Reduced sex power and interest haunts everyone at one or other time. Hence, it is important to know the better techniques to keep your sexual life more enjoyable and pleasurable. Here are some tips to increase your sex time .

  1. Don’t have daily: Sex is a part of life and sex in a day is rarely fine. It should not be your daily routine or else it will become bored and decrease in sexual interest.
  1. It is better to have surprises in your moves or anything surprise gifts to your love that makes him/her more exciting.
  1. Sex postures: If you feel bore in the same postures, try for different sex postures. How to increase intercourse time? – by changing sex postures can increase your sex intercourse time, fun but also keep reduces few more calories.
  1. Always try for safe sex . sexual fantasies are like imaginary scenes but practically with your spouse is different.
  1. Don’t denude suddenly. Slow and steady always makes you win in the race….
  1. Wearing a condom giving you more time for enjoyment. The tip of the penis only makes men for excitation. Delay in excitation helps in delay ejaculation and gives ample time for foreplay.
  1. Black grams: This is one of the effective diet for sex power increase. Hence, having Dosa or the dishes made from black grams for 2-3 times a week helps in good sexual health.
  1. Exercises: Both sex and exercise is interlinked to one another.
  1. Get rid of diseases: Diabetes and hypertension may causes for decreased libido, has to taken proper treatment.
  1. Guard your partner: Love is very important for the mutual enjoyment. Please you have to know the feelings of your partner. Especially ladies will be in different mood during their periods time.
  1. Sex Enhancement Products: Foods with sweet, salt, sour taste enhance sexual power. Bitter, hot, more spicy food articles lead to reduce sex interest. Ashwagandha, meat, dates, grapes, chocolates, eggs, pomegranate fruit, aloevera juice these are few foods for increase sex power.
  1. Herbal supplements: You are required to have supplements if you have the following conditions

– If you have diabetes/hypertension, due to that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

– If you are suffering from chronic disease, which leads to reduced libido for continued period of time.

– If none of the above tips are working, then go for these consistent period of time.

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