Medicine for Penis Enlargement


It is very important to know both advantages and disadvantages before doing any surgery or before taking any medicines. There are many disadvantages of penis enlargement surgery. There will be two types of surgery – one is enlarging the girth and other surgery is enlarging length of the penis. Here we listed some disadvantages of penis enlargement:

  • Cost: This penis enlargement surgery is very costlier. This one is considered as a cosmetic surgery.
  • Achieving Erections: This is the common risk about penis enlargement surgery & it’s difficult in achieving the proper erection while doing sex.
  • Bleeding: One of the main disadvantages is bleeding. This will be very painful and may scary for some persons.
  • Sensation loss: For temporary there will be sensation loss issue after surgery, but it may be a permanent problem which can cause for sexual dysfunction.
  • Infection: Infection can lead to more complications in future.
  • Recovery time: This is the biggest problem of penis enlargement surgery. It takes more time to recover and which can be a very uncomfortable to do some activities like physical exercises, sex and many more. Minimum 8 weeks is required to recover from that pain and sometimes it may take more time.

But at Sriramherbals, we are providing the great quality of Medicine for Penis Enlargement , Breast Growth Medicine, Penis Growth Size Increase etc… with pure herbal health products & there is no side effects.

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