Premature Ejaculation Cure

Premature Ejaculation: This will happen very soon for a men and his partner to enjoy sex better. There are two types of ejaculation:

Lifelong PE: It starts early, normally when you are in teenage and experiencing first sexual contact. It will be harder to treat and much deeper psychological causes.

Acquired PE: This will happen in your life at later stage & may trigger either by physical causes or psychological causes.

How can you delay Ejaculation?

There are so many home remedies for premature ejaculation cure like mis-treating couple of hours before sex or frequent sex drive or having sex with woman on top.

  • Thick Condoms: The sensitivity of penis can decrease by using thicker condoms.
  • Behavioural Strategies: “Squeeze techniques” or “start-stop” often give the effective result , but should not be long-term solution.

It may take a few months to overcome PE with these techniques & most of them keep using on permanent basis. On an average 50% to 90% of men using like these sexual techniques to overcome PE finally. There is a risk, if there are any serious changes in your sex life , particularly if you feel more anxiety.

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