Breast Development Medicine

Here are some tips to increase your boobs by our Breast Development Medicine , and here one way to grow your breast size and gain the confidence – bras.

  • Enhancer Bra: First thing to enlarge your breast is breast enhancement bras. Yes, of course! After wear it, should look like fuller figure.
  • High up the neck: High necklines suits much better than low necks.
  • Bold colors and different patterns: Wear bright and bold color bras. If you reverse this detail, your breasts look smaller.
  • Detailed Neckline: Wear detailed necklines divert attention from your boobs and makes it well appropriate.
  • Makeup: If you wanna wear revealing clothes. Use dark shade of foundation to make your breasts fuller .

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Sperm Count Increase

Hello Guys……….

If you are finding a problem getting your partner pregnant, you have to blame on your sperms. Healthy sperms depends on the total volume, their size, shape, how they swim and it’s a vital role to boosting or sinking their pregnancy potential. Read out below to know more about it.

  1. Strip out the soya

Soya products like soya sauce, edamame, tofu can affect the sperm production. This is because it contains phytoestrogens, the natural compounds from plants that impersonate the female hormone estrogen.

By churn out less testosterone, you may respond for the higher level of estrogen, which is necessary for sperm production. Rodents had 25 percent lower sperm volume and fathered 21 percent less pups than that soya free diet. 

  1. Lose Weight

If you are too weight or obese, flaking pounds will give a boost to your reproductive mojo. Excess of fat can decrease testosterone levels, that can affect your capability to produce sperms. You body temperature also increase due to the fat in your belly and thighs. Too much of fire in your loins can decreases total sperm volume, motility and causes DNA damage.

Note: “Men can improve their sperm quality naturally by losing his weight”.

  1. Avoid hot tub

“An increase of just 2 degree temperature can also affects the sperm production in humans”.

5 – 10 minutes soak is fine, but if you are trying to have kids in 3 – 6 months, then you should not keeping your dips frequently or by avoiding them all together until there is a bun in the oven.

  1. Exercise

According to researchers, men who workout (exercises) 7 hours a week can have a higher sperm count than those who break their sweat not less than a hour in a week.

  1. Upgrade your diet

One of the major factors that determine whether your sperms sink or swim is the health of your mitochondria or cell’s batteries.

Note: ” Motility depends on the energy of sperms, which are determined by mitochondria”.

Dieting food have high in fat and less production can also increases the risk of free radical damage, which affects on the mitochondria. But eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains can combat free radicals and improves the quality of sperms.

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How to improve the quality of sperms?

  • Decrease your stress – This may interfere with certain hormones needed to produce sperm.
  • Multivitamin Pills – Daily multivitamin with zinc, selenium and folic acid.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits – they are rich in antioxidants
  • Evade lubricants during sex – Like lotions, lubricants and even saliva can get in the way with sperm motility. though, vegetable oil based lubricants are fine.
  • Look at your weight – Too much or too less weight may interrupt in the production of reproductive hormones.
  • Avoid anabolic steroids.
  • Regular exercise – Don’t do heavily. Men who do exercise may change in the hormone levels and in sperm quality.
  • Quit tobacco and alcohol.

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Sex Rules

Here are some sex rules you should keep in mind before you deed with a new man:-

 The first time may not be the best time with your partner. You don’t have any idea about how he is in bed and you both never seen each other naked. Is he in good mood? Or is he thinking you are good? Cool!!! Once you take off your top, he will go to giddy.

  1. Cuddling is important and don’t let other to convince you. Sometimes you have to walk , as they say. It will be more fun to go things slow down before exactly getting into it.
  2. A good grown man talk to you like you are baby? Try to give well-known example with more age appropriate dirty talks and see if he catches on.
  3. Sex is more funny, amusing faces, weird noise and are many compromising positions. Accept when something is funny, it will not be awkward.
  4. Take off your rest of clothes including socks. Don’t question it, throw it out of bed and find it in the morning.
  5. Communication is more important during sexual time. If you didn’t ask, you will not get it and enjoy. You have to dig into the particular matter. If your partner is a mind reader, then he is special and never let him go.
  6. Don’t creep out. Specially if you are looking for an invitation from other side. It will be rude & sleeping in is more funny anyways.
  7. No matter about how comfortable you are or how pretty he looks – just get up and piss off as it helps to prevent UTIs. There is nothing more than doing with UTI.
  8. The best hangover is “Morning Sex” which followed by coffee, breakfast .
  9. Just ignore every rules. Enjoy yourself !!!

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Five ways to increase your libido

Our earlier culture seems sexually possessed, when the topic comes to discussing about sexual satisfaction in our own lives, we can bow to shy or even prissy. Most of us rarely speak about this sexual interest – it gives importance to our well-being , I think you have a great time to start about it.

No matter where you are, give complete permission of yourself to your spouse is a vital part, either sensual or sexuality . Fully engaged person may feel great as the best days of his/her life time. Here are some tips to get started….

  1. Physical Issues
  2. Make a link between Mind and Body
  3. Back to rekindle with your partner
  4. Speak with your spouse that what makes you happy
  5. Cuddle Sensuality – not Sexuality

At Sriramherbals, we have recommended the high quality of Libido Enhancer Medicine, Sex Enlargement Medicine , Male Sex Enhancement etc… Try these herbal medicines and feel the differences.

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Breast Growth Medicine

How Breast Growth Medicine arouse breast development??

Our Sriram Herbals Breast Size Increase Medicine are manufactured by pure herbal extracts to work with female body hormones are produced in better volumes for the period of puberty. Hormones for example progesterone and oestrogen stimulate the growth of tissues and glands in the breast, in that way increases your breast size and firmness as well as good shape.

It’s like a the stimulation of your breast growth that has so many manufacturers have done in the past by adding oestrogen to their enlargement medicines. However, taking oestrogen may produce the side effects with it and those will play a role for enhancing your Breast Size Increase.

But Our natural Breast Development Medicine give you 100% better results with no negative effects. We have sex specialists, they will give you complete information about Breast Growth Medicine and our Breast Enlargement Medicine are purely herbal extracts as well as safe products. Sriram Herbals will never give you the fake promise .

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Breast enlargement oil massage process

Uses of oils:-

  • Olive oil
  • Fennel Oil
  • Breast Enlargement creams and lotions.
  • Flaxseed oil

Step1: Apply breast massage cream or Breast Enlargement Oil on your breasts. Oils or some creams can make you feel more comfort during massaging  and enhancing your pleasure.

Step2: Massage should start from the center of your breasts using little pressure with your palms. Follow this form from inwards to outwards of your breasts. Make sure that your hands are moving from outside of body towards middle in a circular way. Continues this process at least for 20 times.

Step3: Using alternative hand movements, you have to stretch from underarms areas inwards & upwards towards front. Repeat it for 20 times.

Step4: Now use both hands by lifting your breasts with firm support, continue this process for other side breast for 20 times as well.

We knew that Breast Growth Oil is good way to get larger cup size. Trust us that this this Breast Development Oil is safer and effective. These creams and oils give you options to massage your boobs and make your breast with perfect, shape and size.


  • Massaging for long time may get your breasts swelled and sensitive. Take care of that.
  • I think this is perfect for couple. It’s quite an enjoyable treat for both of you.

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