Sex Rules

Here are some sex rules you should keep in mind before you deed with a new man:-

 The first time may not be the best time with your partner. You don’t have any idea about how he is in bed and you both never seen each other naked. Is he in good mood? Or is he thinking you are good? Cool!!! Once you take off your top, he will go to giddy.

  1. Cuddling is important and don’t let other to convince you. Sometimes you have to walk , as they say. It will be more fun to go things slow down before exactly getting into it.
  2. A good grown man talk to you like you are baby? Try to give well-known example with more age appropriate dirty talks and see if he catches on.
  3. Sex is more funny, amusing faces, weird noise and are many compromising positions. Accept when something is funny, it will not be awkward.
  4. Take off your rest of clothes including socks. Don’t question it, throw it out of bed and find it in the morning.
  5. Communication is more important during sexual time. If you didn’t ask, you will not get it and enjoy. You have to dig into the particular matter. If your partner is a mind reader, then he is special and never let him go.
  6. Don’t creep out. Specially if you are looking for an invitation from other side. It will be rude & sleeping in is more funny anyways.
  7. No matter about how comfortable you are or how pretty he looks – just get up and piss off as it helps to prevent UTIs. There is nothing more than doing with UTI.
  8. The best hangover is “Morning Sex” which followed by coffee, breakfast .
  9. Just ignore every rules. Enjoy yourself !!!

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