Erectile Dysfunction Cure

Erectile Dysfunction Cure: Erectile Dysfunction or impotence is a sexual dysfunction and lack of ability to build or uphold an erection of the penis during sexual activity. Penile erection is the liquid effect of blood will enter and retain in sponge like bodies within the penis, this procedure will take place during sexual activity. When the signals are spread from the brain to nerves in the penis. During sexual arousal, an organic chemical will release & feel of sex desire that causes of impotence are diabetes, hormonal changes, and neurological problems.

Erection is a penile erection in which the penis becomes firmer and enlarged. Penile erection is the result of all interactions of neural psychological, vascular and endocrine factors. The shape and direction of erection may vary considerably in humans.

There are a many number of treatments for erectile dysfunction includes:

  • Implants
  • Surgery
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Oral medications
  • Counseling

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Improve Sperm Count

Sriram herbals is the No.1 company in India providing medicine to Improve Sperm Count naturally without any single side effects. Fertility of men depends on the quality and quantity of sperms, which can affected by various reasons. Following are some steps to maximize the fertility as well as make sure your sperms are well performers.

Quantity of Sperms: There will be a more than 20 million sperms per milliliter of semen. In the semen, there are millions of sperms are ejaculated, in those only few sperms can reach the egg in woman’s Fallopian tube. But just only one sperm is needed to fertilize the egg.

Quality of Sperms:

  • Around one-third of your sperms are of normal structure and shape
  • Both sperm shape and structure are equally important
  • Normal and quality sperm, has an oval head with long tail 
  • Sperms with small, tapered or crooked heads, kinky, curled, double tails, large are lesser to fertilize the egg and those are not quality sperms.
Sperm motility: In order to reach the egg, sperm have to move on their own – swim and wriggling to reach few inches and to penetrate the egg. To fertile the egg, at least half of your sperm should move. Normal humans have total sperm motility are 50% or 25% progressively motile sperms. 
How to improve Sperm Quality?
  • Multivitamin Tablets – You can have multivitamin tablets daily with selenium, folic acid and zinc.
  • Lower the stress – Stress may interfere with certain hormones needed to generate sperms
  • Eat Lots of fruits and vegetables – These are rich in antioxidants
  • Exercises – Men who do exercise for temporary change in hormone levels and drop in sperm quality. but should not do over. 
  • Weight – Frequently check your weight. It should not too much or too less , that may disrupt the production of reproductive hormones. 
  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol
  • Avoid lubricants during sex – Personal lotions, lubricants and even saliva can interfere with sperm motility . But vegetable-oil based lubricants are okay. 
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Breast Size Increase

Does size matter? Yes , Breast size really matters for woman who want to look good. If you are suffering from smaller or sagging breasts, then use our Sriram herbals Breast Enlargement Medicine with no negative effects. Larger breasts will be every woman dream and men to well, enjoy!!! Take our herbal extract medicines and see the positive results. There are so many are available in the market where there may be giving you good results or not.

Sriram herbals is one of the prominent suppliers of Breast Growth Medicines, Breast Development Oil and furnishing well service to our customers. Make use of these Breast size increase medicines and lead a happy sexual life. Breast Growth can be done in many ways like:

  • Breast Massaging
  • Exercises to enlarge your breasts
  • Breast Growth Medicines (pills)
  • By natural Foods

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Need to Get Big Size Penis

Every man in the society Need to get big size penis for the pleasurable sexual life and sex satisfaction to woman. Are you having average penile length and girth?  The average length of penis is more than 6 and half inches. Most of the woman like big size penis only for complete sex satisfaction. You cannot be relax for the smaller penis size. If you are feeling your penis is too small to satisfy your wife, the foremost thing is to understand there is some natural medicines by Sriram herbals to enlarge your penis , no need of surgery. Natural Penis growth medicine really works better without any negative effects. The penis formed from cartilage, ligaments and blood vessels , our medicines elongate your ligaments, increases capability of your blood vessels. The growth of ligament size will end in a fuller and longer flaccid.

There is more percentage of woman like bigger penis:

The reason behind this is that bigger penis is a status icon in the society. But one thing I let you know that if your penis is too small then prepare for one day shock from your woman. Every woman wants bigger penis in bed. Woman cannot accept any other thing in the place of bigger penis.

Sriram herbals is the leading suppliers of Penis Enlargement Products in India located at Bangalore since from 1995. We got positive feedbacks from customers and we worked on this from long decades. We have some other products like Breast growth oil, Penis Growth Medicine, Male Sex Treatment, Anticancer Product and many more. If you want to know complete details. Go through our daily articles to get more information regarding Sexual problems.

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