Sperm Count Increase

Sperm Count Increase

If you are trying to conceive, You may find solution for yourself how to sperm count increase and you may thinking these tricks can help you to get the positive pregnancy test results which you looking for!!!!

Brief about Male Fertility:

There are several different problems that can contribute to infertility, it’s because of male fertility problems is having a low sperm count. Sperm can be counted by semen analysis. Over 20 million sperm/milliliter is considered as normal. Over the last several decades, average sperm counts has been decreasing by 1 or 2% per year. Environment Pollution is often thought to be contributing factor of above reasons.

Most of the women’s aware that age matters to get conceive, but many of us are surprised to learn that male fertility is always affected by age as well. Research Center indicates that fertilization rates are usually more than 60% in men under the age of 39. Past age 40, The fertilization rates is drops by about 50%.

Here are ten fruits that increases the sperm counts: Banana, Garlic, Walnut, Pomegranate, Egg, Water, Spinach, Fruit Salad, Beef.

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